About Me

My name is Chrissy Gray, and I have been working as a complementary health therapist in Cambridge, UK since 1993.

I use a combination of Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Nutritional therapy. I also offer Reflexology and Reiki.

I have helped many people reach levels of increased health and well-being, making it easier for them to be vibrant, energetic and lead more fulfilling lives.

I consider my job to be your teacher in health and wellness. I will share with you my in-depth knowledge of natural healing, while motivating you to create vibrant health and well- being for yourself.


Master Herbalist (MH) 1993, Clinical Iridologist 1994, Reflexologist 1995, Reiki Master 1999, Nutritional Therapist 2005


Association of Master Herbalists, Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists, Association of Reflexologists, UK Reiki Federation, VTCT

Some of my teachers

Dr Richard Schulze, Jill Davies, Kitty Campion, Christopher Hobbs Adam Jackson, Suzanne Reed Le-Quesne


  • Co-founder of the Arjuna Clinic for Complementary Therapies
  • Mother of three
  • Teacher at workshops and evening classes
  • Frequent appearances in the local media

My mission

To share with as many people as possible my knowledge and experience of natural healing.

To involve my clients in their treatment and show them how they can use healing plants, foods and naturopathic methods to maintain optimum health and well-being.

To show people how to use wholefoods to create tasty and nutritious recipes and help them work out how they can include exercise and relaxation in their daily lives.

To help my clients to feel empowered, energised, and passionate about life.

Healthy body Peaceful mind Joyful spirit
Chrissy Gray