Natural remedies for toothache so you don’t have to grin and bear it.

Natural remedies for Toothache

Thankfully, I have only ever had toothache twice in my life. Once, in my mid thirties which was twenty years ago and then again just recently.  On the first occasion my flat mate who was an acupuncturist inserted tiny needles into my face which definitely helped but didn’t stop the pain completely.  So the next morning I took myself off to the chemist and bought homeopathic Merc sol. I took one dose immediately and by the time I stepped outside the shop the pain was totally gone. I was highly impressed with the Merc sol. However, I do think the pain relief effect may have been due a combination of having had both the acupuncture and the remedy. The second time I suffered with toothache was this year over the May bank holiday weekend. I had nibbled on too many dried figs and the high fruit sugar content provoked the toothache.  As it was a holiday weekend I couldn’t get a dental appointment straight away and this time the pain I was experiencing was significantly worse than the first time I had toothache.  I needed some pain relief and I didn’t want to use conventional pain killers. So I experimented on myself with different natural remedies(see below) that bring pain relief. All the remedies helped with the pain but as with conventional painkillers the pain would return in several hours . After using various combinations of natural remedies my pain completely went away after just 3 days.  I have been pain free since and I don’t have a dentists appointment until the beginning of June.

NB The most common cause of toothache is a dental cavity and the second most common cause is gum disease. If you have any pain in your teeth or jaw you should make an appointment to visit a dentist, but if you can’t get an appointment straight away or you do not want to take painkillers these remedies may help you.


When we work naturopathically to eliminate toothache we aim to not only help with pain relief, but to create healthier tissues in the mouth and to improve the immune system function locally and generally. The toothache may go away temporarily with pain relief but it is vital to address these issues for long lasting pain relief.

Pain relief remedies

Teeth and Gums tincture

Calendula, Jamaican Dogwood, Hypericum.Chamomile, Licorice, Skullcap, Thyme,Peppermint, Echinacea.

This formula combines herbs that help with nerve pain, reduce inflammation and streptococcus mutans (the main bacteria responsible for tooth decay). The formula also helps to detoxify the tissues in the mouth and lymph glands , and is high in anti-oxidants to speed up healing.

Take 1 tsp in a small amount of water and hold in mouth for up to 5mins and then spit out.  This remedy can be used as often as needed.

 I used this remedy the most and it gave quick pain relief .  The toothache woke me in the middle of the night  and  I reached for this tincture, I took 5ml in a little water and the pain went and I was able to go straight back to sleep.

What Sarah Yow, Aromatherapist and CKT Practitioner in Cambridge says about Chrissy’s Teeth and Gums tincture

I contacted Chrissy after having had 2 lots of antibiotics for gum/tooth infection. Antibiotics are generally not my ideal route, but this was quite a painful infection. 2 courses of them and the infection was still present, so I contacted Chrissy and she made up a tincture for me which to this day, I still refer to as ‘Chrissy’s marvellous medicine’ – it worked so quickly it was amazing.  It has been a fixture in my cupboard since and have used it when ever a problem either with the gums or teeth occurs.  I have recommended it to several people since and all very grateful for the advice. For me personally, I see it as an effective alternative to antibiotics for this type of problem and use it periodically to help keep the gums well.  Chrissy is a really skilfull practitioner and created a great formula here – Thanks Chrissy!

St Johns Wort

One of the main uses for Hypericum better known as St Johns wort is for nerve pain.

I found it had an immediate numbing effect on my tongue and mouth and very effectively took the pain away.

1 tsp of St Johns Wort tincture in a little water held in the mouth for a few minutes. Hold in the mouth    for 3-5 minutes. You can use this as often as needed.



This popular bright yellow spice which is most known to us as an ingredient in Asian meals has a wealth of health benefits and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine.

In a recent study in the Journal of Indian Society for Periodontology  turmeric mouthwash (10 mg curcumin extract dissolved in 100 ml of water with a peppermint flavoring agent added was found to be as effective as a solution made from chlorhexidine gluconate (CHX), the gold standard compound for plaque buildup in dentistry.

I used tip of a teaspoon’s worth of turmeric in warm water as a mouth wash twice daily.

You can also increase turmeric in your diet. I like to mix 1/2-1tsp into salad dressings,  hummus, in at the end of cooking veggies. There are also some delicious recipes for turmeric and almond milk on the web.

Here is one particularly yummy recipe for turmeric milk

 Raw Garlic

Nature’s antibiotic and immune booster.

A chemical called allicin is produced when garlic is cut. This strong smelling chemical has immune boosting properties, Cooking garlic destroys allicin so you need to eat garlic raw if you want to benefit from it’s powerful immune system strengthening effects. Garlic is strongly anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. You can use it directly on the gums but if you leave it too long it may burn and irritate them. I prefer to increase the amount of garlic in my diet by adding 1-2 fresh chopped cloves into salad dressings.

Oil pulling with  organic cold pressed Coconut oil

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine practice used to maintain oral health and hygiene. It is said to remove bacteria and fungus from the mouth and reduce build up of plaque. It is also thought to strengthen the gums and teeth, help as a treatment for bleeding gums and sensitive teeth, and for the prevention of bad breath.

I used coconut oil but sesame oil is also recommended for oil pulling. I find the suggested 1 tbs of oil too much and prefer to use 1  dessertspoon.  Put the oil into your mouth and then vigorously swoosh it through your teeth and around your mouth for at least 20 minutes. Do this on a daily basis first thing in the morning on am empty stomach for oral health maintenance or when needed if you have toothache. I did it twice daily whilst I had pain and found it very soothing.


Two days ago after nearly a month of being pain free I had a return of the dreaded toothache. I immediately returned to my regime of:

1 x 3 tsp of Chrissy’s Teeth and Gums formula.

Oil pulling with coconut oil 2 x daily

Using a a tip of  tsp of turmeric powder in warm water 2 x daily

Eating 2 cloves of garlic in a salad dressing

The toothache went away the same day but at last I have my appointment with the dentist tomorrow!

All the best for now


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