A few words from satisfied clients

I just wanted to let you know the amazing changes I have made in my life since I met you around. Year ago and how much my health and in particular bowel movements have improved. Thanks to your great advice I have a juicer and have one juice in the morning and one in the afternoon. I have found that activia twice daily has also helped me. When I visited you I was drinking around 28 units a week, and I have been teetotal now for almost a year. Thank you so much for getting me on the right tracks and guess what – I have gone from a struggle to get one movement a day to 2-3 satisfying movements a day. Please feel free to use this in a testimonial and thanks again.

Amy,Potton, Beds

Jen and William

Jen and William

“Thanks to your excellent iridology diagnosis and nutrition therapy with reflexology/reiki I had a very happy and healthy first pregnancy. Your treatments and counselling also helped the labour start when I was 10 days overdue and as a consequence I had a very positive birth experience and gave birth to a very healthy baby boy! Your post-natal nutrition guidance was also crucial in helping me recover from anti-biotic treatment during the birth and for keeping my energy levels up whilst breast feeding. Your reiki and reflexology also provided much needed relaxation and healing in the first 6 months after the birth. I would highly recommend Chrissy to any woman planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby or already a Mother, her therapies help solve short term problems and help you manage your health for the better in the longterm. ”

Jen Hurst, Cambridge


I contacted Chrissy after having had 2 lots of antibiotics for gum/tooth infection. Antibiotics are generally not my ideal route, but this was quite a painful infection. 2 courses of them and the infection was still present, so I contacted Chrissy and she made up a tincture for me which to this day, I still refer to as ‘Chrissy’s marvellous medicine’ – it worked so quickly it was amazing.  It has been a fixture in my cupboard since and have used it when ever a problem either with the gums or teeth occurs.  I have recommended it to several people since and all very grateful for the advice. For me personally, I see it as an effective alternative to antibiotics for this type of problem and use it periodically to help keep the gums well.  Chrissy is a really skilfull practitioner and created a great formula here – Thanks Chrissy!

 Sarah Yow, Aromatherapist and CKT Practitioner in Cambridge says about Chrissy’s Teeth and Gums tincture

“Chrissy has proved to be a wonderful source of advice and inspiration since I met her at the beginning of 2012.  Principally, I see her for reflexology but she has also been very helpful during a period of stress when she designed a detox plan for me, which proved very successful. Chrissy is both wise and humble, which is a refreshing combination.  My wife sees her regularly now and my Mum has also had a reflexology session, which she loved!”
Anthony Rayner, Cambridge
I had problems with inflammation for 11 years and had tried everything. Chrissy convinced me to change to a more alkaline, vegetarian diet which had a remarkable effect. Through Chrissy’s expert knowledge and deep understanding of food and nutrition I have continued to improve my diet. She has always been able to answer any questions I have regarding nutrition and laid any worries I have to rest. Chrissy also has a kind and patient manner which makes the whole process run so much smoother.
I have never met anyone who knows so much about food and nutrition as Chrissy. She has taught me so much and changed my life for the positive.
LG, Cambridge.
 Thanks a million Chrissy-I feel like a new person

Tina Shah, Cambridge

Thank you very much Chrissy for all your help over the past nine months. When I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica and told I would have to take steroids for 18-24 months, I felt sure there would be an alternative and there was – you! Following your suggestions, I went on to a strict detox diet (overwhelming to begin with changing the eating and drinking habits of a lifetime), you added in the supplements necessary to support my immune system and liver and gave me your herbal tinctures. My joints and muscles no longer hurt, I don’t need pain killers any more and blood tests at the correct level proved my good health. I can even do Pilates classes again! Once again Chrissy, thank you for all your help – I couldn’t have done it without you.
Pam Scott,Cambridge

I have been taking Chrissy’s tinctures for my thyroid and liver since August 2011 and have been following her diet plan(although admitttedly not religiously). I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in about 20 years and have now have energy levels that I always hoped for ever since my teenage years. I can see a noticeable difference in my hair,  skin and nails. I have also noticed that my stamina levels are markedly improved and I have not been sick with a cold or flu since I have been seeing Chrissy. Thank you very much for all your help Chrissy.

Tash Sabbah, Cambridge

Chrissy’s thorough and deeply caring approach and her complete faith in the treatments she offers make it very easy to put your trust in her and the healing capacity of the treatments she offers. Even so, when I had only had two periods in a year and when the periods I had had over a three and a half year period had been very scant and Chrissy recommend I try some reflexology, I wasn’t sure that it would work but was very keen to give it a go rather than take artificial hormone tablets. I was surprised to find that only a few days after my first reflexology treatment I had a very normal period for the first time in three and a half years. And four months later, with continued treatments, I have had a total of three periods. I would very much like people to know that there is an effective treatment alternative in reflexology. And can’t thank Chrissy enough for her help and for suggesting I give her reflexology a try.

Sarah, Cambridge

We feel that you been a real help and have improved my health ten fold and I am really grateful.

I would like to thank you again for all your help and advice and getting me back on track after my chemotherapy.

Thanks again and if I need anymore help in future you’ll be the 1st person I’ll call.

Keith Santilly,Cambridge


I’ve knownChrissy for many years and have been supported by her deep knowledge of ‘alternative health care’ particularly the herbal tinctures and nutrition amongst others. Her support and care have helped get me well, particularly during a recent serious illness. Her teeth and gums mouthwash tincture have been invaluable in helping to heal a very bad tooth and gum infection much to the surprise of my dentist. Chrissy is practical, sympathetic, realistic and patient. She is gentle and-for me most of all- she listens well and she remembers.

Clare Price, Cambridge

I thought my ten month old daughter would never sleep through the night. But after Chrissy’s nutritional advice and a master class on baby reflexology, 10 days later Esme has had her first full nights sleep, YEAH!!, and continues to do so. She is a happier healthier baby. Thank you so very much.

Suzanne Hurst,Cambridge

Hi Chrissy

I did not get a migraine this month which is a HUGE relief. It certainly hovered on the Friday but I took your medicine a couple of times and it receded within the hour so a BIG THANK YOU to you.

Best wishes,

Lisa Eden, Reiki Master/Teacher, EDEN REIKI, Cambs

Having received treatment for cancer my energy levels were low and I felt my immune system needed help to recover. After following Chrissy’s advice on diet and nutrition my energy levels are at a height I had forgotten I had and a bonus side is that I have almost lost all the weight I put on.

Louise, St Neots

Dear Chrissy:
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful Reiki treatment this morning.
I feel much better now, having unclogged my body/mind from the emotional/mental toxins that had accumulated in recent months.

N R Cambridge

Within days I noticed changes, and they get better every day.

Tom, Cambridge

I am now feeling really well, lots of energy,quite vibrant and positive.You were absolutely great and I want to thank you massively for that.

Chiara, Cambridge

Within days of consulting Chrissy, my health began to gently change. The changes continued until I reached a point where my body was transformed from one prone to illness and imbalance to one that is vibrant and healthy.

Carol, Huntingdon

For 20 years plus I have struggled through IBS on conventional medications with little success. I was despondent, tired and needed help. I met Chrissy, and quickly appreciated the value of her caring and gentle approach to my countless health problems. She has transformed my life, I now have long term relief of my symptoms and no side-effects to deal with. My quality of life is vastly improved and I have more energy than before.

Margot, Cambridge, A thankful 76 year old

I was given Chrissy’s name by a work colleague who knew that complementary therapies could help me with a skin problem I was suffering from, I had tried traditional remedies which only worked whilst I was taking the medication and after just a few weeks the skin problem would re-occur. Initially I was sceptical about but at my first visit Chrissy put my mind at rest and gave a detailed explanation of the possible causes of my skin problem. Six months after my first meeting my skin problem has nearly cleared up and I have lost weight. None of this would have been possible without the support of Chrissy and I would have no hesitation in recommending friends and family to Chrissy if I felt it would help them.

Steve, Cambs

As a professional I thoroughly recommend Chrissy with your physical, spiritual and emotional health. I have admired her gentle, empathetic approach which finds its way directly to the route of your presenting problem. I have also enjoyed taking herbs rather than conventional medicine and have noticed real benefits in my own physical, emotional and spiritual well being. I also thoroughly recommend her sessions of reflexology for an improvement in energy levels, a better sleep pattern and an inner calmness, to name but a few benefits.

Lesley, Cambridge

The initial consultation with Chrissy was about the Naturopathic Iridologist, she explained me how to cleanse, balance and heal myself.It was a new world for me and discovering how my body works was very helpful and interesting.It changes definitely my way of thinking and is a knowledge I will keep forever.
Then she introduce me to a natural healing concept calls Reiki because I was suffered badly of stomach acid re flux.
Receiving Reiki has really helped me through a difficult time in my life. Mentally, I have learnt to still my mind and take time out for myself. It also healed completely my stomach problem on the first session.

After the healing session I usually feel deeply moved and yet relaxed and peaceful, as if an extra dimension has opened up deep within me, into infinity, it is a very agreeable sensation of freedom and love.I would say that well being is the right word about what I feel. I feel much more confident and perspective
Chrissy is a very effective, gentle practitioner ,she inspires me and show me how to look after myself, which is essential in our stressful society.Strongly recommended.

Laurence Millard,Cambs

Hi Chrissy

Wanted to just say thank you for such an enjoyable workshop last Sunday. Your enthusiasm was so evident and passion for the Herbs was infectious.

Really looking forward to the next one I can come to.

Best Wishes

Sarah Yow

Sarah Yow, Aromatherapist, Cambs

Reiki is something i have been thinking about learning for a while, but its very hard to know who is ‘genuine’ and I have been looking for the right person to teach me. As I said, I was very impressed by your work when I first met you in Cambridge, and I have every respect for your ability. You give off the right ‘vibe’ if that makes sense. I have every confidence in you and I can’t think of anyone better to teach this skill so I would be thrilled to participate in your course. I feel that this is the right time in my life for me to be doing this, and you came along at just the right time 🙂 .

Kimberly Hollands, Huntingdon

Hi Chrissy,

Yes, I am enjoying the Reiki thanks. I’ve already used Reiki energy to calm and relax my sister’s very nervous dog, and last night I used it to relieve my little boy’s tummy ache and he slept very soundly (he has gluten intolerance and normally needs medicine). Its an amazing reward to be able to help in that way. I even used it to get rid of my own period pains – and that’s something I usually suffer with terribly, so, so far, so good!!

You are truly an inspiration and a very genuine person who believes fully in your work and in those that you teach. I am very proud to be associated with you!

Kimberly Hollands, Huntingdon

Dear Chrissy
Thanks for helping me get to this point-starting from an easy conception, smooth pregnancy, fearless birth and ending up with a healthy baby! Hope you and your family are well

Sarah Hughes, Cambridge

Hi Chrissy: thanks for your wonderful Reiki treatment today and all the great health tips: I will definitely consume your tincture while in Ko Samui!! I am beginning to feel a sensation of FREEDOM like I never experienced before. I feel something huge is coming my way and I need to keep my heart wide open to receive it!! thanks again for opening my heart!! Warmest, NR

I had a long period of colds, chest and sinus infections and low energy and I felt like my immune system could not shake these bugs off. Chrissy suggested an immune boosting herbal tincture and within 3 days of taking the tincture I had recovered fully. I highly recommend Chrissy’s accurate health assessments and bespoke treatments.

Jen Lyon, Cambridge

Hi Chrissy,

What a fantastic evening we have just had. Thank you so much for a truly interesting and informative talk on spring herbs. The stories that you told along with the facts added to the interest too, and everyone was quite enthralled wiith your talk. Aren’t herbs wonderful??

Many thanks, too, for making the cleavers drink and smoothie. Despite its colour (actually, it was a very pretty green!), the smoothie really was delicious – a wonderful way to take the herbs! Those of us who tried the drinks enjoyed them..

As we said at the end of the evening, we hope you will come back again and give the group another excellent talk.

I’m sure everyone who attends the workshops will thoroughly enjoy them – hope you do too!

With many thanks,

Sarah Yow
Federation of Holistic Therapists Co-ordinator,Cambridge
Talk by Chrissy Grey on Iridology

The group enjoyed a wonderful talk by Chrissy Grey on Iridology. Chrissie is Co-founder of the Arjuna Clinic for Complementary Therapists based along Mill Road. Chrissy talked about her experience as a Master Herbalist, Nutituional thearapist and Reflexologist as well as her passion for Iridology.

It was a fascinating talk and we had the opportunity to look at many different slides and discuss the different irises, colours, marks and rings. I bet everyone who attended the talk has spent the last week staring into other people’s eyes.

It was a truly inspiring talk. A big THANK YOU goes to Chrissy for giving up her time to talk to the group. THANK YOU.

Nicki Nunn
Association of Reflexologists
Cambridge group

Hi Chrissy,
Here finally is my completed Plant Power Magic Workshops
questionnaire. Sorry it took so long to complete, i have been
travelling rather consistently for the past several months and
honestly didn’t have much criticism to offer. The workshops were
great; you’re great; keep up the good work!